Marshall Cabinet

Marshall Cabinet

THD Hot Plate 2. Offers Bright and Deep switches for tailoring your sound – Bright switch gives you two different high frequency levels to compensate for an overly bright, or dull speaker cabinet while the Deep switch offers two distinct bass settings to help you fill out the bottom end, or reduce the bass in a cabinet with too much low end. Has built in noise reduction up to 10dB, line out, and a fan to keep it cool. For full specs click here for THD’s site. Hotplates have been our most popular attenuator thanks to THD’s top-notch engineering and superb build quality. This one is built for a 4 Ohm load and works best for amps with a 4 ohm output and 4-ohm speaker load including 8 ohm combo with 8 ohm extension cab – or a 4 ohm combo or head. Features Bright and Deep switches for tailoring your sound – Bright switch gives you two different high frequency levels to compensate for an overly bright, or dull speaker cabinet while the Deep switch offers two distinct bass settings to help you fill out the bottom end, or reduce the bass in a cabinet with too much low end. Ships in original box with manual. A Big thanks to UPS!: Check out the latest damaged amp courtesy of the UPS gorillas.

4×12 Speaker Cabinet Wiring (Stereo/Mono)

This goes perfectly with my DSL head! This is the only way to play! It’s a little heavy, but that why you’ve got casters and roadies. This cab was made to rock with Marshall heads like my DSL , the go Read complete review This is the only way to play!

Feb 10,  · If you’re buying it from a store, ask if they will let you hook the head up to some other cab (like a 2×12 or something, make sure the impedances match) and see what your ears tell you.

The cabinets were setup incorrectly, I could tell something was up. The AV cab was set to 16ohms and the A at 4ohm with Vintage Modern set to 8ohms, volume was off. The funny thing is when I set the amp to 16ohm mode everything sounded OK. Once I posted and got a reply that the amp should be set to 8ohms and the cabs set to 16ohms, I new I did something wrong. Now the amp is set up proper and she sings like an ally cat in heat!!! I highly recommend the mix of the two speaker types.

Kissfanps, Black Diamonds sounds awesome with the two cab setup!!!!!

V30s vs Greenbacks

It was later modified as stated below. I quickly and swiftly hooked it to one of the two cabs I have now, the reissue non slanted cabinet with vintage 30s inside. I blew a fuse the moment I turned it on, because the voltage mains selector was probably disabled when the amp was modded. No problem, I constructed a quick fuse and stuck it in.

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The method really lets you custom tailor the sound in the cabs. I have an interesting setup in my home studio right now as I have the Axe3 going to monitors, and also going to a cab to compare. I have 2 presets that are identical, one doesn’t use a cab block, and the other with the cab block uses an IR of my physical cab 4×12 Marshall a. Playing through monitors with the IR it sounds fantastic. When I switch presets and play through the physical cab it still sounds good, but not as full and thick as the IR.

So I am going to rush home now and try this out to see if this can push the cab a little further.

Marshall Schematics

Share This is my first article here at Solodallas. I hope this can be useful to all of you who are interested in buying old Marshall amps. You can end up buying something that is not what you expected or even something that is damaged or modded beyond repair. P , I recommend asking help from the members here of the community. These amps are really great!

I will also try to give examples of where they were used..

Marshall A watt 4×12″ Angled Extension Cabinet. 13 product ratings. average based on 13 is literally compatible with any head you hook it up to. Buy one, become one with it. Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: Pre-owned. by captlr 06 Feb, The Cream of the Crop! The Marshall A is the flagship of all Marshall cabinets.

New England I’ve played through s countless times but, now owning one for my Diezel rig, I thought I’d share my thoughts. The Marshall A Slant and B Straight baffle cabs are something of an industry standard, the strawberry ice cream to Mesa’s chocolate ice cream Rectifier cabinets. Countless records feature a cab, So, what are The Kaz’s thoughts on this seminal cab? Well, I recently got rid of my Rectifier in favor of a B Straight w stereo cab, so let’s see.

At watts thanks to the 75 watt G T75 Celestion loudspeakers , this has tons of power handling, which is great when you’re driving it with something that packs terrific punch like my Diezel Herbert watts of tube torment. That assures a lot of headroom before speaker breakup and a nice, tight–not boomy–bass. You can set it up for w per side handling in 8 ohms stereo 16 or 4 ohms mono , which is a neat feature. Constructed from Birch sides, top and bottom and fiberboard back , I’ve found a couple of bits that are of concern to me regarding build quality.

While I’m not afraid of the cabinet falling apart as it’s pretty well built, the lack of these design amenities does make me a bit disappointed. The concession is the space on the top of the cabinet for the casters of another cabinet. Another point of contention is the ‘elephant hide’ tolex. It’s some of the worst tolex I’ve ever felt, ripping easily from the countless examples of Marshall s I’ve handled. Appearances-wise, the Marshall looks incredibly slick and classic under any head.

I get my new GrandMeister today!

Vintage 30s vs Greenbacks. Which do you prefer and why? I understand the V has the v30s and the X is loaded with greenbacks. I’ve steered towards these because I prefer more mids in my sound than the standard A’s speakers deliver.

May 14,  · Marshall X clone project. Discussion in ‘Amps & Cabs’ started by Spunky, May 13, And Merren audio Trannys might be the next step up! But those seem to have a cool weite up there. Voxman, May 14, I have an almost new Marshall BX and TV cabs to hook .

Links to other Marshall sites. In these early years the amps, their features and especially the cosmetics varied a lot. Early saw the introduction of models and These were the first Marshall combos. It was built from up to It didn’t actually have a model number at first, but later it was called a JTM It is said that the first prototype and early production amps were fitted with two beam power tetrodes, three ECC83’s and a GZ34 rectifier tube, but soon KT66 tubes were used instead of the ‘s.

These amps had 2 channels with each a volume control and two inputs making a total of four inputs. There was also a power switch and a standby switch with a power indicator.

Question about single 12 cab.

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Marshall jvmh and a half stack straight straight item each of the 4 channels has the usual suspects when it comes to control volume, bass, middle, treble gain accounting for .

We must be; some where over the rainbow I am setting up my base four presets for tomorrow’s band practice and balancing the volumes of each preset. I copied four factory presets into 32 A,B,C and D. The presets were 1-C, 2-B, 3-A and 8-A. All presets sound good in an empty room but the real test is playing in practice. The real lit-mice test is live in front of noisy people. That is were the real tones are tested.

The studio will just have to do for now since we are just finishing up our first setlist. The ultra channel I am setting up is going to sound as close as possible to this amazing video by a great player: I noticed that Marco’s Mark V setting were very-very close to John Petrucci’s setting from a couple of years ago. I may still pick up on a Mark V but one amp at a time.

Last night when I was playing, factory preset 8-A sounded damn close to Marco’s sound above and I was really happy. After listening to the preset again today I will probable back off on some of the delay and may boost the bass a little.

Line 6 Toneport UX2

Your Gear Speaker Wiring Configurations If you’re replacing or upgrading the speakers in your cab, there are different configurations and set-ups for you to configure, depending on the size of your cab. This article describes the most common ones. December 5, Replacing a speaker or speakers in your cab can be a really cost-effective way of significantly upgrading your tone.

If you’re thinking of swapping out speakers yourself, then you’ve come to the right place!

The nice thing about this amp is that you have the ability to hook in microphones, as well as a external stereo, phone, or MP3 player. The Marshall ASD also has an anti feedback option, which is nice when the volume is tuned high.

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Connecting a 4×12 cab to a JVM

I missed the footswitch options that switched the preamps, and the split after the first preamp really had me scratching my head. It could be the right option for you if you understand what the DT25 is going in. I didn’t, but luckily it’s pretty much exactly what I wanted. To me, it’s a great sounding power amp and cabinet combo with optional HD preamp, reverb, and cabinet emulation.

For recording, I plan to hook up my Helix, though others could use the internal HD engine or a hardware preamp.

Jun 08,  · Hello Everyone, So I scored a pretty sweet Marshall A cab from a local Goodwill for about $ today! I’ve already got a Marshall JCM head with a B cab that I picked up in a pawn shop about almost 20 years ago (got that cab for the same price too!).

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Both Brian and Edwin were in the recording room with Jeroen, playing along with headphones. Brian played along for backing, DI-ing his guitar through an amp simulator. Edwin’s amp was placed in another room and mic’d with a Shure sm57 close to the speaker and a Neuman TLM at about 60cm from the cabinet. Edwin used a vintage Marshall a cabinet and Marshall series head.

Marshall A Slant Speaker Cabinet Padded Cover

Sun Dec 07, 3: Thu Aug 09, 8: Statesboro, GA I have a ’93 2-channel Dual Rec sn that I completely retubed with 12ax7’s, el34’s, and 5u4gb’s less than a year ago. A few days ago, my friend asked if he could use it for band practice, so I let him. I made sure to keep the cabinet cable in the 4 ohm output so he would know which one to use.

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First though, let’s remind ourselves of Mr. Ohm’s often forgotten formulas. There are two of ’em and they enable us to find out the combined impedance of speakers or cabinets when joined together in either Series or Parallel note: Let’s imagine that R1 is the impedance of our first speaker or cabinet ; R2 is the impedance of the second one and R3 is the resulting impedance when they are hooked-up together. Good Here are the two formulas: This is the one you need to be most familiar with because although speakers inside cabinets are often wired up in series, when it comes to hooking-up cabinets to combos or heads it is ALWAYS done in parallel well it is for Marshall guitar amplifiers and we’ll use them as an example.

The most common question asked in mega amp world is, “Hey dude, what impedance do I set my tube head to when I’m using two cabs? Here’s an idiot proof hook-up list: Make sure both cabinets are switched to Mono operation.

How to Use Guitar Amplifiers : Hooking Up a Guitar Amp to a Speaker Cabinet

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