Emerson, Lake and Palmer’s Manticore Records

Emerson, Lake and Palmer’s Manticore Records

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With line-ups that almost without fail include the same mainstream warhorses Sonny Rollins has been on the bill 3 of the last 4 years, Chick Corea and Hugh Masekela twice and Pizza Express darlings, this feature had hoped to remedy the situation where what is among the most inclusive and receptive genres has long now been seen to be the preserve of a purist elite. However, as it became clear that trying to introduce a genre in 15 records was tantamount to rewriting the received canon that puts so many people off it in the first place, the emphasis shifted slightly to the left.

As the record progresses, her voice wavers more fragile than ever, her suffering at the hands of addiction, persecution and violent relationships dangerously close to the surface. The superb and often overlooked Crescent recorded earlier in the same year should also get a mention.

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Ken Irwin The emerging cult for collecting vinyl records was first explored in this column in Seven years later, this niche market is a phenomenon around the world. They concentrated on British releases but the recording at No. In , an unknown band called the Quarry Men recorded a demo single on a 78rpm acetate disc at a home studio in Liverpool. The acetate was kept by the band’s pianist, John Duff Lowe, who sold it to McCartney in for an undisclosed sum.

That’s a conservative estimate, the Record Collector editors add. Second in the magazine’s list are the 50 to 75 private recordings of this acetate commissioned by McCartney in to give to friends for Christmas. You will now receive updates from Money Newsletter Money Newsletter Get the latest news and updates emailed straight to your inbox. By submitting your email you are agreeing to Fairfax Media’s terms and conditions and privacy policy. According to Glenn Terry from Vicious Sloth Collectables shop in High Street, Malvern, something similar is happening here, although you can delete a zero or two from those British values.

Rare vinyl is now a big business and Terry says some Australian records are becoming what he calls speculative investments. Condition in this case means mint or close to it. Even the smallest surface wear reduces value considerably, which means the chances of finding treasure in a junk shop are practically zero. Another factor is the changing definition of what is desirable.

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Ortofon apparently discontinued its acclaimed range of Super OM cartridges around The natural replacment being the 2M range of cartridges. In June , however, Felix Scerri noticed that his favourite cartridges were one again available for purchase. The Ortofon website doesn’t show them, yet they do in the ‘product’ range.

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We want it to have an app and we want it everywhere in the house, but we also want it Instagram-ably retro, to finger through our record collection and put an album on using our hands. Principally a turntable, its built-in phono stage and analogue-to-digital converter also allows you to connect directly to powered speakers, or, as this comes from the British specialist in accessories for Sonos , a Sonos Connect to create a remarkably flexible multi-room record player.

Despite it being only so fleeting an operation, however, those few seconds are long enough to be a little disappointed by the general feel of things. Playing through our reference amplifier and speakers, we get an immediate sense of the rich timbres the VinylPlay is able to deliver. Despite being so geared toward facilitating a digital experience, it is full of analogue body and warmth without sacrificing clarity or detail.

Watch how a vinyl record is made in 60 seconds The whirring synthesizers that open Reach For The Dead , for example, are satisfyingly thick, but dig out loads of the texture giving the sound its ominous intensity. We get a nice overview of the balance as the album moves on through tracks White Cyclosa , the low-end drone holding up a delightfully solid midrange and the treble allowing the reverberating harmonics of the bell-like melody room to rise without any coarseness.

It really appears to be a combination of rhythm and subtle dynamics, which leaves spikier tracks such as Bodies In Flight and Toys Toys Toys Choke, Toys Toys Toys lacking some of that thorniness by not quite emphasising the vital beats. Verdict As a package, though, it is only a shade short of its fifth star. So four stars seems fair.

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Herb Alpert participated in the group of of Latin artists who came together as Hermanos to record a song to aid the suffering in Africa and Latin countries. The Herb Alpert Foundation founded its Excellence In Action program that gave grants to young minority musicians for lessons, tuition or better instruments based on their auditions. It ran from April until September

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This title came from the lyrics of a bridge [external link] that were not included in the album version of the song, but was played live in The instrumental version on the Money demo tapes did have the bridge. Check the Weirdo Discography for details. Later, another version came out, which was even more censored. The first version was censored in the following ways: Due to the edit’s complexity, it is likely Zappa’s own work. The stereo balance on the “Hot Poop” excerpt is also reversed as compared with the actual song.

This is also likely to be Zappa’s own decision. The second was censored in these ways also: Zappa offered the explanation that someone thought the word “pad” referred to a “sanitary napkin”. Crazy obsessives will be thrilled to note that this snork is, in fact, a different snork than the one on the regular version. Zappa had no idea that the second version had been manufactured, and happened to hear it in Europe – they played “Let’s Make the Water Turn Black”, with bits cut out, as he was picking up an award, and he was so upset he didn’t accept the award: From Harry de Swart, January

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One-step process Traditional vinyl mastering is a complicated process. The stamper that presses the records is acutally a copy of a copy of a copy. The lacquer first produces a father disc, which then produces a mother disc, which then makes the stamper. HD Vinyl stampers are cut by laser into a ceramic stamper which presses the records directly – no copying needed!

YVONNE PRINZ is the author of several books, including the Clare series and The Vinyl Princess, which won the California Library Association’s John and Patricia Beatty Award, was shortlisted for an Arthur Ellis Award for Crime Fiction and was named to Resource Links’ Year’s Best of list.A Canadian living in San Francisco, she is the co-founder of Amoeba Music, the world’s largest.

Find out how to maximise income and minimise cost when wanting to sell vinyl records. Want to sell vinyl records? The great news is that it is easier than ever to sell vinyl records. The throngs of young people looking to get their hands on your collection is growing by the day, and many can be offloaded for about half the price of what the same music would cost new on CD. I bet most collectors never thought they would get that sort of return on investment when they bought them 40 years ago.

Records, when sold via the right avenues, can fetch a reasonable price. Check out the ways to sell vinyl records below, and their advantages and disadvantages. Sell Vinyl Records At Record Fairs If you have a large collection, setting up a stall at a record fair will be an ideal way to sell your vinyl records. Records fairs attract collectors, and collectors tend to be willing to spend a little bit more cash to get something they know is good. Yes I probably could have got it for less if I held out, but I was able to examine the record and determine it to be of excellent quality.

It plays brilliantly, by the way. Record fairs are also a great way to network and meet other people.


On this page I’ll try and unravel some of the markings that appear within the “deadwax” or “run-out groove” sections on US 60’s discs. This will be an on-going project, so all additional information is welcome. First up, here’s a quick “rule of thumb” disc-dating grid covering five major labels and the infamous West Coast based Monarch pressing plant. Further breakdowns and explanations follow this grid: Capitol Records Found extensively on the Capitol, Tower and Uptown labels, the markings of the Capitol pressing plants are either of the following: The “Starburst” or “Daisy” stamp, which is basically an asterix looking shape, is their California pressing plants tag 3.

Release and Dating Information. Bar codes: Bar codes on album covers made their appearance in the early s, in apx. / Catalog Numbers: Catalog numbers are the letters and numbers assigned to a particular record, and can be found printed on the cover, label, and matrix of a record. Flipback Covers: In the late s and early s, single cover Pink Floyd records were issued with.

The subsidiary Crown was formed in and after three years starting in , was used only for budget priced albums. The Riviera label subsidiary was a budget label that operated in The Kent label subsidiary was formed in and issued only singles, but the name was used again from to for album issues. All of these labels were very much a family affair, as the President of all the labels was Saul Bihari, his brothers Jules and Joe served as Vice Presidents, and brother Lester was head of Sales and Promotion.

Modern also leased masters from Sam Phillips in Memphis, and was the first label to release material by the legendary Howlin’ Wolf. The biggest hits for the Biharis were an uptempo instrumental by tenor sax player Joe Houston, titled “Blow, Joe, Blow’, the slow group recording by the Jacks titled “Why Don’t You Write Me” in , a novelty number titled “Stranded in the Jungle” in by the Cadets a group with the same personnel as the Jacks , a hit by Jesse Belvin with the fine ballad “Goodnight, My Love” in , and a hit with the amateurishly sung “Eddie My Love” by a girl group called the Teen Queens, also in Most of the issues in this series are unknown because the company did not list their releases in the Schwann Long Playing Record Catalogs of the period, a practice that continued thoughout the history of the company.

The releases in the 12 inch Modern series and RPM series were quite high quality releases. Thick vinyl was used, and liner notes and printed spines were used on the covers. The number of albums actually released in these two series is a subject of some debate. Crown reissues of through actually have Modern issue numbers to in the vinyl trail out area, indicating that these Modern numbers were mastered, but may not have been released except on Crown.

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